Maria teaches in three third-level institutions and various summer courses, including the International School of Improvisation,


Conservatorio E. F. Dall'Abaco Verona, Italy offers:

  • Bachelor (‘Triennio accademico di I livello ordinamentale’) in historical harps.
  • Masters (‘Biennio accademico di II livello ordinamentale’) in historical harps.
Other modules include basso continuo, historical harps as a secondary instrument and Chamber Music. Entrance exams usually in June; the academic year begins on November 1 in Italy. Click HERE
Read more about the Department of Early Music situated in the beautiful 19th century Casa Boggian.
Verona Conservatory also offers packets of 15 hours of lessons ("Corsi filologici"), which can be taken regularly throughout the academic year, or in any other combination. Enrollment is subject to participation in at least two internal conservatory.


Haute École de Musique de Genève offers:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Music (‘Bachelor en musique, instrument’)
  • Masters of Arts in Specialised Music Performance, practice of historical instruments (‘Master en interpretation musicale spécialisée, pratique des instruments historiques’)
  • Masters of Arts in Specialised Music Performance, concert (‘Master en interprétation musicale, concert’)
  • Masters of Arts in Music Pedagogy (‘Master en pédagogie musicale, enseignement instrumental’)
  • Masters of Arts in Specialised Music Performance, soloist (‘Master en interpretation musicale spécialisée, soliste’)

Deadline: 1 march, 2019. Click HERE. Entrance exam: weds. 17 april 2019 11.00


Conservatorio di Musica di Vicenza “Arrigo Pedrollo”, Italy

offers packets of lessons (‘Corsi Liberi’) on historical harps.
Auditions for 2018/19: 19 January 2019. For the academic year 2019/20, there is no date for fixed for applying nor for the audition date.
Contact Maria directly: maria AT


The International School of Improvisation, 8-16 July 2019. See


Maria teaches the following historical harps:

  • One-rowed medieval and renaissance harps
  • Baroque harps (Italian Arpa doppia, Spanish arpa de dos ordenes, Davidesharfe, Welsh triple harp)
  • Harpe organisée (harps with a single-action pedal mechanism)


  • Capriccio Cromatico, Merula
  • L. Spohr Fantasia op. 35
  • La doulse cere